Sign-up for one online: from October 5 (Wed.) to October 19 (Wed.)

The sign-up is for pre-checks; the size offer is only valid while stocks last. It is recommended to sign-up early and retrieve early.



  1. Only students who have already signed-up online can retrieve their T-shirt.
  2. Local students should bring ID card or student ID card to retrieve their T-shirt.
  3. International and overseas students should bring a barcode that’s been generated after online sign-up or provide student number to retrieve their T-shirt.
  4. The quantity is limited, please sign-up for one early. S:15, M:15, L:15, XL:5, 2XL:2. Changing size is not allowed if you have signed-up.



1. Who can have one?

First-year students enrolled in the 2022 Fall semester (transfer students, readmitted students, early admission students, Direct Pursuit of Ph.D., foreign students).


2. Where to get one?

Mathematics Research Center Building



(1) October 17 (Mon.) 10:00~12:00; 13:00-16:00  

(2) October 19 (Wed.) 10:00~12:00; 13:00-16:00  



  1. The quantity is limited, please sign-up for one early.
  2.  If you have already signed-up or retrieved your T-shirt, you cannot return or change.
  3. We do not allow try-ons due to the pandemic regulations. Please measure your own size (cm) to retrieve a sizeable T-shirt accordingly.

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